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Project Description
Dnn Bootstrap helpers ( Tabs, Accordion, Flipbox, Buttongroups & Carousel )

DnnC Dnn Bootstrap helpers

To use this module you need to be using a Dnn Skin that uses BootStrap.

Installing this module is the same as any other Dnn module.

Always backup first before installing any modules!
Once installed place the BootStrap help where you desire, then go the the module's settings.

Once in the settings of the module, from the drop down choose whci bootstrap function you would like to use:
  • Bootstrap Tabs
  • Bootstrap Accordion
  • Bootstrap Carousel
  • Bootstrap Button groups
  • Bootstrap Flipbox

When Choosing Tabs or Carousel, there are a couple of options you can choose to set.

Once finished click "update" to save the changes and go back.

To add content to the Bootstrap function click the "Edit Item" and you will be able to input the content you would like for that functionality.

Live Sites:
- Ricardo Requejo by perezandres

If you are using the BootStrap Helpers and would like to have your site mentioned here, please send the links here


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